Dog Recall – it’s not a game

My friend was at Earlswood common in Redhill today and called me in regards to 1 year old dog of which she couldn’t catch.

The dog was coming within 10 feet, but ducking and running away thinking it was a game.

It’s very hard in this situation not to become frustrated, this can come across in your body behavior and voice. 

7 simple steps:

  1. Call your dog in a calm manor with your hand held out with a treat
  2. If you dog comes near you say praise and throw the treat at his feet
  3. Remember it’s not a game – do not chase your dog, raise angry voices (turn your back and walk away, see if your dog follows)
  4. Repeat step one but try to stroke him
  5. If so, in a calming way continue to stroke your dog whilst reassuring him its ok.
  6. Clip him on lead, pull him close to you, firmly. You are the boss.
  7. Release the dog with a training lead – 40 ft until you feel confident enough he performs recall successfully.

Give this ago, I’d be interested to know how you get on. Should you need any more dog walking and training tips, get in touch.

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