Does Your Dog Jump?

Does Your Dog Jump?

Many of my clients report their dogs are guilty of jumping up, however, they do not see this as a major issue.

They usually say that they can control it by holding the dog until he calms down or move the dog to another room. However by doing this they are negating one of the benefits of a family dog – a guardian.

What better deterrent can there be for when someone knocks on your dog, much better than the dog sitting quietly when you open a door to a stranger.

Many clients say they have tried everything to stop the dog jumping up at visitors and have simply shut him in another room, leaving him to go beserk.

There is a really simple solution.

Teach your dog to SIT! Yes SIT!

A dog cannot jump when sitting, the answer sounds flippant, but it works. One of the mistakes people make when a dog jumps up a people are the “bad, negative, instructions” e.g. GET DOWN! , STOP! , BAD DOG! , DOWN! , BACK! – Sometimes all at once!

Clients instruct the dog in what NOT TO DO rather than what dog SHOULD DO.

So, whenever you dog jumps up, maybe at the next visitor, hold a treat, tell him to SIT at arm’s length, if the dog jumps again, repeat the SIT command.

Get some treats ready for your next door knock or visitor and give this a go….

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