Testimonials & Reviews

Our dogs have been with Zara’s Doggy Day Care for about a year now since we moved to Reigate, we are delighted with the team and the girls love going to “school”.
Simon has never missed a collection and the girls look forward to his arrival, they seem to sense it.

It has been everything promised and more, the dogs always come back exhausted and happy. Which is just what we wanted.
Having Zara’s services means we can be dog owners and maintain our busy life’s and we don’t need to worry about the dogs on their school days.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Zara’s and in fact, we have on lots of occasions. – If only the dogs could talk they would do it themselves.

Lexie & Pixie’s Owner – Reigate

“For Eva, our 4-legged family member, Zara and the regular day care dogs have become almost an extension of our ‘family’ – Eva is always so excited to see Zara when she is collected in the morning and it’s so satisfying coming home to an exhausted Eva in the evenings after day care – that’s when I know that she’s had a day filled with fun and activity!

Zara’s centre offers all the activities and stimulation we could ask for and more for Eva and we are comfortable knowing that she has Eva’s safety and wellbeing at heart. For us, Zara has certainly achieved her goal of being the best day care centre a family could wish for!”

Lara – Eva’s Owner, Reigate

“Rufus has been going to Zara’s for about 3 months now and we have seen such a big change in him. He used to get so excited when he saw other dogs that he would lunge at them and we would struggle to keep him under control. Our behaviourist suggested that we should “saturate” him with dogs so that he won’t get so excited when he saw another dog. It has really worked and Rufus is now so much clamer, walks nicely on the lead and doesn’t lunge when he sees another dog.

Rufus absolutely loves going to Zara’s and he comes home completely knackered and happy. We are so pleased with Zara’s services. She is fantastic and the centre is a dog’s dream come true!”

Grace – Rufus’s Owner, Redhill

“Monty goes to zara’s three days a week and loves every day. For him it means lots of exercise, fun and entertainment and for us it means a happy and tired dog. Monty waits eagerly for zara to arrive and treats zara and simon among his most favourite humans! We can’t recommend the service highly enough and are all happy to have found it.”

Jo & Graham – Monty’s Owner, Redhill

“I was very impressed when I visited Zara’s day centre. It is not just a field with a shelter; it’s doggy paradise.  An incredibly well planned, large area which I am aware Zara is continually maintaining and developing.  Joey has been happy there from day one; his excitement when Zara collects him is very visible evidence that he loves his weekly visit.  The dogs benefit from ongoing training and have plenty of opportunity to play, socialize and snooze.  Zara’s communication with me as an owner is also excellent.”

Carole – Joey’s Owner, Redhill

“My Labradoodle Scout and I have tried several dog walkers.. They either suited Scout, or they suited me, but none suited us both. That is until we met Zara! For the first time we had someone I found utterly reliable, trustworthy and value for money while Scout found a true dog lover, lots of new friends and a fantastic set up with lots of places to explore and a warm comfy bed to crash on. If you’re looking for a home from home for your dog, this is the place for you.”

Jane – Scout’s Owner, Charlwood

“My puppy Magnus, started going to Zara’s in October and I have never looked back! It’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

My main aim for using Doggy Day Care was to ensure Magnus received sufficient socialisation, as prior to using Zara’s, he was a little unsure about other dogs, following a few unfortunate encounters. I had concerns regarding the temperament and nature of the other dogs. Zara and Simon assured me that all the dogs are very carefully monitored. I had no need to worry, he adores his new friends. Day care has transformed his socialisation, now he’s happy and confident with other dogs.

When Magnus is collected by Zara or Simon, he can’t hide his excitement, his tail is wagging (it’s amazing it stays attached) and he’s squeaking with delight, in fact not even a glance back at me as he leaves! His reaction is priceless, which takes away any concerns I had. I expect the highest level of care to be given to our valued family pet and that’s exactly what he gets.

I have just highly recommended Zara’s to another friend, so her beloved pet and can experience the fun too!”

Gail – Magnus’s Owner, Horley

“I’m often complemented on how calm and settled Jeeves is and what good recall he has.  I believe this is partly a consequence of his attending Zara’s doggy day care.  He’s learned to socialise nicely with other dogs and is very good with other dogs in the park, playing nicely and learning when to pull back.

You may recall that when Jeeves first started going to Zara’s doggy day care he was a young puppy around 16 weeks old.  I had been offered a really interesting job that I very much wanted to accept, but was very worried about how I would manage things with my new puppy as I didn’t feel I should leave him at home all day on his own.  I was so pleased to discover the existence of Zara’s doggy day care and was tremendously impressed when I  saw how Zara introduced Jeeves to the dogs at the centre, a true dog whisperer.

My two main concerns before joining Zara’s doggy day care were; how to ensure that my little puppy received the care and attention he needed, particularly as he was still quite young; and, how could I feel safe about allowing someone to have access to my house if none of the household were at home.  The welfare of my puppy and the security of my home were the two main concerns.  Also I had to consider whether I would be able to afford to pay for doggy day care.

When I met Zara and took Jeeves with me to see the centre I could see straight away that Zara really loved and understood dogs as well as being very in tune with countryside issues and the environment.  She spoke intelligently with me and communicated so effectively with all the dogs that I knew straight away she was the right person to trust.  Zara discussed with me concerns about security of my premises with respect and with good practical solutions.  My trust has clearly not been misplaced.

In addition to the day care service, Zara and Simon have given us useful advice on dog care and training, which is particularly valuable as we are first time dog owners.  I would definitely recommend Zara’s doggy day care service to other dog owners.

For me the service works because I currently work full time and am not able to take Jeeves in to work with me.  However, the doggy day care is more than just day care.  I think the analogy may be one of sending your much loved child to a really great Montessori school.  Jeeves really loves going to day care and I can go to work without worrying that he might be anxious and stressed by being left alone for many hours whilst I am away.  Zara’s doggy day care is a great service for working dog owners like myself, and also for ladies (and gentlemen) of leisure, as woofy may benefit from learning to socialise with other dogs.”

Erika – Jeeves’s Owner, Redhill

“I won a voucher for  Zara’s Doggy day care in a school raffle. I hadn’t been looking for dog care as I only worked part time so I didn’t have to leave my dog all day. I looked at the website and was pleased to have a virtual tour of the facilities.

I then made an appointment and took my dog to meet Zara at the centre. She was very genuine and friendly and it was immediately obvious her love for dogs.

We toured the site and the dogs day was explained. As my dog has hip problems and is a little nervous around other dogs I was concerned. Zara reassured me that she would not be with other boisterous dogs and that care staff would know about her history.

Oh her first day, when Zara came to collect my dog, I showed her where my dog would be. Zara also asked about if the dog was allowed access to other parts of the house,where her food was if I wanted her feeding ect. I felt extremely confident in allowing Zara and now simon to have access to my house as I know it is only them who collect the dogs. I also received phone calls for her first few time she went to reassure me everything was fine.

My dog is always happy and tired when i get home and muddy paws have been wiped!I am now able to work longer days in the reassurance that my dog is being looked after in a safe and happy environment .

I would recommend Zaras Doggy Day care to anyone who feels guilty in leaving their dogs at home for long periods or wish to have a day to themselves. It make you and them happy!”

Sue – Skye’s Owner, Horley

“Hollie my very lively 14 month old Springer Spaniel has been going to Zara’s since May last year. I admit I was slightly dubious about placing her in day care.

However I visited the day care centre on an open day and I was really impressed with what I saw. Hollie LOVES going and always comes home worn out (which believe me takes some doing! ) and very happy. Both Zara and Simon’s customer care skills are excellent – towards both Hollie and myself !

I have complete trust and confidence in them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zara’s to any dog owner.”

Maggie – Holly’s Owner, Reigate

“Since Bailey and Lola started with Zara, their behaviour with other dogs is much improved as is their recall.  We’re now confident that Bailey will come back when on off lead walks.  They look forward to their weekly visits and judging by how sleepy they are afterwards, they’ve have a great time.  Pick up and drop off’s at home have been reliable and convenient and we am very happy with both the service and care our dogs receive.  We have no hesitation in recommending Zara and Simon to other dog owners.”

Martyn & Angela – Bailey & Lola – Owner, Reigate

“As I’ve not been a pooch parent for very long, I wasn’t immediately aware of the need for Doggy Daycare and whilst Jazzi, my very gorgeous, easy going, lovable and sociable cockapoo, seemed very content with her daily walks morning, lunchtime and evening, I was feeling slightly guilty about leaving her at home for periods of the day while I was at work.

I looked into Doggy Daycare after seeing a programme highlighting how sometimes dogs can be stressed at being on their own, without outwardly showing any signs.  I’d noticed Zara’s distinctive van locally and decided to give her a call to arrange a viewing of the facility in Charlwood and we never looked back.  We met Zara & Simon who are kindred doggy people and both Jazzi and her best buddy Benny (my daughters Jack Russell) ran around the field chasing after Bentley, Zara and Simons handsome pooch.

Jazzi and Benny have been going to Zara’s Doggy Daycare now for around 18 months and love spending time with their friends in the fresh air.  I believe for both Benny & Jazzi, attending Zara’s has helped them not only socialise with other dogs and made them more confident.  Zara explained how the pooches have their own particular day pack buddies they get to know and will work on any specific training issues. Their recall, after just a few weeks was 100% better although if there’s a nice scent around, Jazz still has selective hearing. Jazz and Benny have also enjoyed overnight stays with Zara & Simon and I know, get treated as one of the family.

I have recommended Zara’s Doggy Daycare to fellow dog lovers locally who like us, might be a little concerned that perhaps their pooch wasn’t getting enough social time with fellow furry friends or perhaps just to break up periods while you’re at work, just give Zara a call.

After a day at Zara’s, both Jazzi & Benny are nicely worn out from their day playing and socialising.”

Debbie – Jazzi’s – Owner, Horley

“I had a 16 week old poodle puppy and was given an opportunity to go back to work on a part time basis. I wasn’t really sure what to do as I didn’t want to leave Alfie for a long period of time. I looked into a dog walker and doggy day care. I didn’t really know what to expect.

The dog walker offered me half an hour Walk which didn’t really seem sufficient so I rang Zara. She was so friendly and interested in my dog..but I was very reassured because she was talking about behaviour issues and I knew if she met Alfie and thought he was aggressive she wouldn’t take him.

I went down to the site and was so impressed. The dogs had so much room to run around in but she also separated the big dogs from the little dogs so Alfie wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. I was paying for day care but Zara also provided training classes for my dog and necessary socialisation.

If I say Zaras coming Alfie will sit by the door waiting for her and when she arrives he gets really excited. He loves her and seems to have a wonderful time with all his fiends…when I take Alfie for a walk in the park he is so confident in meeting other dogs but in such a nice way.

I originally booked Alfie in for one day a week but quickly realised he loved being there and booked a second day. Zara and Simon Alfie and I THINK YOU ARE BRILLIANT AND WE WOULDN’T HESITATE TO RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE..they can ring me for a personal recommendation”

Carol – Alfie’s – Owner, Reigate

“I have had Lexie since she was 11 weeks old and took her to puppy classes in order to socialise her with other dogs and also to train her as well.  She was also enrolled in dog agility classes.  Before and since having her I worked from home so we spent every day together but then due to a sudden change in personal circumstance, I went from working from home to working in an office.  Lexie by this time was 18 months and she was a handful but I knew to expect that due to her breed (Dobermann/Japanese Akita), what I didn’t expect was the severe separation anxiety she suffered.  Nothing was safe, I have lost count of the box set of DVD’s that have been chewed to oblivion!  Furniture, shoes everything was chewed, bins were emptied, every night when I came home, the house was a mess.  But the most major problem I had was recall or lack of it.

When I would take Lexie out for a walk and she was off the lead, there was a 50% chance she would not return to me when I wanted to put her back on the lead.  We became very well known in Earlswood due to the fact that people would meet me running down roads calling her name trying to find/catch her.  One day she got into the playground round the corner and had great fun playing with the football and running very fast in a big circle. The children thought she was the best fun ever!!  You can understand my frustration!!

I knew something had to be done as I wanted to be able to take her out for walks and be able to  let her off the lead as she was miserable when she was kept on the lead but I had to factor in at least another 45 minutes at the end of the walk trying to catch her.  I tried liver cake as a treat, chicken, cheese and her favourite cuddly toy too tempt her back to me but nothing worked if she didn’t want to come to me then she wouldn’t.

It was through word of mouth that I heard about Zara so looked up her details on line and contacted her in October 2013.  I have still, to date, not spoken to another person who is so enthusiastic about what they do.  I found myself smiling as I was talking to her as this very bubbly cheerful voice was extolling the virtues of her day care centre,  We spoke on the Wednesday and arranged for me to meet at the centre the coming Saturday so that Lexie and I could be introduced to Zara, her husband Simon and also their dog Bentley.

We all got on from the moment we met and Zara and Simon showed me round the centre, explaining about the different areas/zones and their purpose.  Lexie was being well behaved on this day and Zara asked me what issues if any did I have with Lexie and I explained about the lack of recall which she said was something she could work on and told me I would notice positive results very quickly.  Lexie was enrolled there and then for two days a week.

Within two weeks I had noticed a truly remarkable difference in Lexie’s behaviour.  She was exhausted when she came back from day care so much so that her upright ears were always flat!!  She slept better and the days during the week when she wasnt at day care, she was much more settled and didnt want to eat all my furniture and trash the house.

But the most significant thing was the recall…….it was a joy to be able to let her off the lead and know that when I called her, she would come back to me and let me put the lead on her!!  Yes we still had the odd day when she would be stubborn and decide not to come back but these days were few and far between.

Lexie now goes to Zara’s three days a week and will continue to do so for as long as Zara is willing to have her.  I cannot recommend Zara and her services enough.  Every friend who has a dog has been told about her and one friend is getting a puppy next year and has already said that she will be contacting Zara to see if there is availability as she is so impressed with the change in Lexie.

I was so pleased to have been invited to the first year anniversary celebrations at the centre in May and it was also interesting to see all the other dogs that Lexie sees on her days.  Everyone I was introduced to were all saying the same things that they didn’t know where they would be without Zara’s Doggy Day Care and that is true testament to Zara and Simon and of course Bentley.”

Sheila- Lexie’s – Owner, Redhill

“Zara’s doggy daycare has been fantastic for my dogs Pippa and Henry.  They absolutely love their sessions and return home happy, hungry and ready for a snooze. I can’t recommend Zara and her team highly enough for their reliability and professionalism.”

Caroline – Pippa & Henry – Owner,  Redhill

“We decided our puppy “Harry” needed to be socialised with other dogs to learn there “ways”. We had looked at some day care establishments online but saw Zara’s Doggy Day Care and went and viewed it one very wet Saturday morning.

Harry decided this was where he wanted to be….and we agreed with him.

He started going at 6 months old and learnt “doggy etiquette”, we now take him anywhere and he is absolutely fine with meeting new dogs and plays nicely. Simon Has also taught him to “Stay” and his “Recall”, he is very happy, friendly, sociable dog with both dogs and humans.

Harry has an excellent relationship with Zara & Simon and the rest of the workforce, as we do, harry adores them and has formed a special “Bond” with Simon, we think there is a bit of a “Bromance” going on, especially on Harry’s Side.

We have always found them very approachable and friendly, they are the first people we turn to if we need to know anything doggy.

We feel very happy leaving Harry at Zara’s Doggy Day Care, we know they care for him in the same way we do, he comes home exhausted, just enough energy to eat his dinner, then early to bed, most of all we know he is very, very, happy.”

Laura – Harry’s – Owner,  Redhill

“I had always wanted a dog but hadn’t got one until I thought I would be able to look after it during the day – so we got Ludo early this year and then my contract was extended which threw everything up in the air.

I looked at all options for looked after him including people coming in during the day but I didn’t want to leave him on his own even for a couple of hours at a time.

Then I found Zara’s website and took Ludo to meet her, Simon & Bentley one Saturday.

They took so much time with us and didn’t laugh at my silly questions and worries.

The day Ludo first went to daycare it broke my heart – I’d failed to look after him myself – and yet he came back happy and exhausted. I got regular feedback from Simon and Zara and can see myself how happy and excited Ludo is to go with them.

I guess the best two endorsements I can give is that I increased Ludo’s days at Zara’s and when we recently took him back to the breeder for the first time, she couldn’t believe how confident he was with other dogs – and that has definitely been thanks to Zara and Simon at Zara’s Doggy Day Care.”

Natalie – Ludo’s Owner,  Reigate

I would just like to say how pleased I have been with Zara’s Doggy Daycare. I moved into the area, and needed to make arrangements for my gentle giant.

What I liked about Zara’s approach was that they wanted to meet my dog first – to make sure he would be ok with other dogs, and they would be ok with him.

Alf settled in so quickly, was always pleased to see either Simon or Stuart turn up. He always came home exhausted, having had a full on day.

My daughter loved seeing Alf with his pals on Instagram – all the fun pictures. You can see how the whole team love the animals, and how they all look very happy and content.

I couldn’t recommend Zara’s Doggy Daycare enough – they give you complete peace of mind – you know that your dog is being looked after so well, and that they are having a great time.

Gillian – Alfies Owner, Reigate

Like any dog owner’s we were very dubious about allowing someone else to look after our babies.  Having alway’s had dogs from puppies we rescued our lovely Reilly when he was approximately 18mths old, it quickly came apparent that he had a few anxiety issue’s, we had had some 1-2-1 dog training but felt he needed more, especially more socialisation than just meeting dogs out and about.  We had seen Zara’s van around so decided to contact them.

We were invited down to the centre to look around and Meet Zara Simon and Bentley, they immediately put us at ease answering all of our question’s not only about the centre and our dogs, but also our concern’s about the security of our home.  It was also so comforting to see how passionate they are about what they do.

Reilly has been going for nearly a year now and he really has completely transformed, his recall especially has really come on, to the point where we no longer panic if he sprints off, as as soon as we call him he comes running back and promptly sits at your feet waiting for his treat as he knows he has been a good boy coming back when he is told.

So after seeing how much Reilly was loving daycare and how jealous our little Maisie was that Reilly was having so much fun, we decided to send Maisie aswell.  Both now go twice a week, they know when they are going and wait to be collected, they are so excited to see Zara and Simon, its so lovely to see.  They come home completely exhausted having had a day of fun with their doggie friends.

Zara and Simon are both so passionate and knowledgeable about what they do, we are always asking advice and its never to much trouble for them to share their knowledge.

We would highly recommend this service to everyone, they really do treat your dog’s like an extension to their own family and we are safe in the knowledge that they are in a safe environment and well looked after.

Clare – Reilly & Maisie’s Owner,  Horley

I was originally looking for ad hoc day care for the days when I needed to be out for longer than a couple of hours. I contacted Zara and had a long chat, she was very interested in my dogs and explained how the day care worked. I then went to the centre with George and Donald and was shown around by Simon. The facilities are amazing.

I realised that a day a week on a regular basis would work just as well.  I could arrange my diary according to when they were to be at day care. I signed up and sent them off on their first visit. The feedback that evening was very positive and both Donald and George were tired and relaxed.

Since then they go off happily, the pick-up and drop off is great and return home, obviously having had a busy day. I would recommend Zara’s Doggy Day Care to anyone.

Sue – George & Donald’s Owner, Redhill

Archie goes to daycare twice a week, if we need additional days Zara is always happy to accommodate him, even at short notice.  As a young dog Archie had bilateral surgery for elbow dysplasia.  Although now fully recovered,  we do have to watch the amount of exercise he gets;  this is always monitored when he’s at daycare.  We have every confidence that he is constantly supervised, safe and his mind is stimulated as well as his legs!

Before joining Zara’s, Archie wasn’t exactly known for his recall ability; this has greatly improved since he’s been at Zara’s. Also his retrieving skills have got a lot better (he was always just a “two fetches and I’m done” kind of guy) but now he will fetch the ball until we stop throwing it.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zara’s DDC if you are looking for excellent value for money and peace of mind knowing your dog is in the very best of hands.

Tracy – Archie’s Owner, Horley

Zara and Simon are sensitive, kind  and understanding dog lovers.  They have given our elderly dog a caring and safe environment to rest and play and have worked with us to provide the best possible care. I don’t know what we would have done without them and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Janine – Crispy’s Owner, Horley