FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Zara’s Doggy Day Care insured to walk and look after the dogs?
A: Yes, Zara’s Doggy Day Care is insured to professionally walk and look after dogs. Our insurance also covers public liability, day care, and loss of keys.

Q: What can I do if I want my dog to try out Zara’s Doggy Day Care?
A: Call or email us. We aim to contact our clients within 24 hours. Zara will then arrange to meet you and your dog, where you can discuss your dog’s requirements.

Q: Do you only take well-trained dogs?
A: No, we love all dogs. All dogs that are in our care benefit from basic training. Lots of our dog owner clients have noticed huge improvements in their dog’s behaviour since they’ve been in our care.

Q: Do I need to be home when you collect or drop off my dog?
A: No, Zara’s Doggy Day Care can keep your keys safe, should you wish us to. All keys are always kept in a safe place and we never write your address on your key.

Q: Can I visit Zara’s Doggy Day Care Centre?
A: Yes. Please call us and we will schedule an appointment for you.

Q: What happens in an emergency?
A: We call you immediately to discuss the situation. If we can’t get hold of you and urgent medical attention is required we will take your pet to the nearest veterinary practice.

Q: Will my dog be supervised at all times?
A: Yes. Your dog will be under constant supervision by Zara and her team of experienced dog walkers at Zara’s Doggy Day Care Centre. We can 100% promise you that your dog will never be left unattended.

Q: When do you collect my Dog for Day Care?
A: Due to the variations in travel we don’t give specific pick up or drop off times. However, we endeavour to collect your dog by 09:30

Q: How long is a Doggy Day Care Day?
A: You are buying your dog 5 1/2 hours of socialisation and exercise from the moment we arrive at the centre. This does not include your dogs travel time like many other day care centres.

Q: I have a puppy. Can he come to Zara’s Doggy Day Care Centre?
A: Yes. Zara’s Doggy Day Care welcomes new puppies to our pack! We accept puppies from as young as 12 weeks old, or once they are out of their vaccination period.

Q: What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?
A: Zara’s Doggy Day Care only accepts social dogs. We will introduce your dog to Bentley, Zara’s ‘control’ dog, to see how they get on. This ensures all of the dogs are happy in one another’s company.